Frequently Asked Questions:  AUTHORS

Who owns the copyright to my book?
          You will.  We help authors file the proper paperwork.  We feel strongly that authors should never sign away their copyright to any publisher.  Giving up your intellectual property is a serious mistake.  As long as traditional paper-based publishers had complete control of the publication process, they could demand that authors sign over their copyright.  Typically only a few "famous" authors had the leverage needed to force traditional publishers to market and print their book(s) without signing over the copyright.  However, with digital publishing things have changed.  Today there is no good reason for authors to sign over their copyright.
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What percentage of the sales price is paid to authors?
          We pay 50% of the sales price to authors.  (Traditional paper-based publishers pay around 10%-15% to their authors.)  We believe that authors deserve the lion's share of the profit from their work because it is authors who possess the intellectual expertise and do most of the creative work needed to bring a new book to market.
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How can you afford to pay 50% of the sales price to authors?
          We operate with efficiencies that are not available to the traditional paper-based publishers.  For example, we work exclusively with Microsoft Word® and Adobe Acrobat Professional® as our publishing platform, so we never have to work with awkward paper-based publishing software or deal with companies that print on paper.  Our employees and we work from home, so we have no need for a "brick and mortar" headquarters. Our marketing is done entirely through direct, targeted email (we never send spam) which is sent to lists of potential adopters supplied by authors or generated by carefully examining college and university websites for publicly available email addresses.  We seek to have independent reviews of our books published in professional associations journals or websites and this provides additional visibility.
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How are royalties paid?
             We pay royalties semiannually and, because we use PayPal, which automatically tracks each sale, we are able to fully document each sale of your book.
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Are you willing to handle low-volume, academic publications?
          At present we are targeting our efforts toward the publication of college level textbooks that typically are used in undergraduate education.  In the future, we may develop an academic branch targeted toward lower-volume scholarly publications.  We can, indeed, handle low volume, academic publications better than traditional academic publishers--and provide authors much greater compensation for their work--because we have such low overhead costs.
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Can you handle high volume publications?
          Yes.  Because our books are digital and because we are open for business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anyone anywhere with an Internet connection can purchase our books--and we never run out of stock/inventory.  If the book you write with us sells 10,000 copies--or even more--each semester, that would be great for you and us!
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Why do you use a two-year renewable book contract?
          We think two years is a sufficiently long period of time for you to evaluate the way we perform as your publisher, and we want you to be happy.  We feel certain that there will be other digital publishers and we are willing to let you take your book and walk away from our publishing service in just two years.  This will have given you the opportunity to publish your work without having the worry of a long contract or the loss of control over your intellectual property.  Of course you may renew your contract with us for two more years--and do this every two years.  We would be pleased to continue to serve you.
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What kind of publishing arrangements do you require?
Basically, authors agree to...
  • provide original material for which they hold copyright
  • secure and pay for all necessary permissions
  • furnish all photographs and graphics
  • provide all text in Microsoft Word® formatted files that have been consistently formatted and checked for spelling and grammar errors
  • grant a minimum two year exclusive contract to market and distribute their book
  • update their books once every two years. agrees to...
  • maintain the website
  • market using email
  • convert Microsoft Word® files into PDFs
  • provide an immediate download capacity
  • provide phone & online support within 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • maintain and share transparent accounting information
  • obtain professional reviews
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How do you advertise?
          We advertise mainly by using direct email targeted to email addresses provided by authors and/or email addresses of likely adopters provided on institutions' websites.  We provide complementary copies to instructors free of charge.  On occasion, and when warranted by market conditions and prices, we place advertisements in trade journals.
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What book development services do you provide?
          We carefully read each book manuscript for content, style, and structure, comparing the submitted work to competitors' books.  We will submit completed and nearly completed manuscripts to professionals in the book's field for reviews paid at our expense.
          We are willing to work with authors who need developmental editorial assistance, but the cost of such assistance is born by the author.  We will also assist in securing artwork at the author's expense.
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Why should I choose to publish in digital form?
          Popular paperback novels may retain a place in readers' hearts for many decades and we feel there will always be a place for coffee table books and other special paper-based publications.  However, even these products go through a digital publishing process that is focused on rendering ink to paper.  Digital publishing is rapidly becoming the format of choice for academic publishing because it can be done so much more efficiently and because digital textbooks are simply more convenient.
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Who owns
          We are a family owned business that started by selling our own textbook, Effective Elementary Social Studies, which had previously been published by Thomson ITP in 1996.  For a variety of reasons we were able to recover the copyright.  Over a period of several years the book was used in classes as a digital textbook. This experience convinced us that digital textbooks were a viable and inexpensive alternative to traditional paper-based products.
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Where can I get more information and answers to my other questions?
          Contact us at or call us at 706.296.1284.  We'd be happy to tell you more!
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