Effective Elementary Social Studies  (© 2016)

Updated in 2016, this 6th digital edition of Effective Elementary Social Studies provides a comprehensive overview of social studies teaching methods and content for grades K-6. All the content areas of social studies (history, government, geography, economics, psychology/social psychology, sociology, anthropology and selected fields of the humanities) are included in this uniquely engaging textbook.

Teaching Middle Level Social Studies: A Practical Guide for 4th - 8th Grades  (© 2015)
This book is a comprehensive and practical guide to teaching middle level social studies. A central message is that middle level students are just as capable as high school students when their learning is based on hands-on, progressive, reflective activities. The research-based strategies, methods, and lessons shared throughout the book were all successfully used in middle level social studies classes. 

Teaching the Social Sciences and History in Secondary Schools: A Methods Book (NEW 2014 Edition)
Formerly published by Social Science Education Consortium (SSEC) through Wadsworth/Thomson/ITP (1996) and Waveland Press (2000)—and now thoroughly updated—this text provides a comprehensive survey of secondary social studies curriculum and methods. Each chapter features a collection of activities designed to help pre-service teachers become reflective practitioners. Active web links in each chapter support in-depth exploration of key topics.